We offer a wide range of POS services for business at affordable prices.

POS Mini

Small has never been so attractive!
In the pocket and off you go! POS Mini is a compact chip & swipe reader with e-mail and text message receipts, perfect for business on the go. Bluetooth 4.0 / Wi-Fi / SIM-Card

POS Mini Ice

Piece of elegance!
Its refined design and touch interface makes POS Mini Ice a real joy for tech-savvy people and a great way to show attention to detail in every aspect.
Bluetooth 4.0 / Wi-Fi / SIM-Card

POS Combo

Relax, we keep up traditions!
At your reception desk, counter or in the waiter’s hands, POS Combo is meant for heavy-duty work. No wonder it is the most popular choice among merchant.
Bluetooth 4.0 / Wi-Fi / SIM-Card

POS Smart

Unleash the power of Android and discover tailor-made business apps that help you manage your inventory. Engage better with customers and promote your business in a whole new way.
Bluetooth 4.0 / Wi-Fi / SIM-Card

POS Smart N5

New generation, elegant, robust, smart!
Elegantly robust and fast, POS Smart N5 combines cash register with tailormade business apps for a greater customer and merchant experience. 
Bluetooth 4.0 / Wi-Fi / SIM-Card

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Open your business bank account with us!


Your chosen POS terminal

Power Adapter

Free - POS DATA Card

Every myPOS customer benefits from a free e-money account with a dedicated IBAN

Mobile app for Android and IOS

VISA Business Card for instant access to funds

Advanced Terminals

Help make your business grow its profits

Whether you run a traditional shop or sell online, we make it easier for you to manage your business. Giselle-T Consultancy – representing MiCamp Europe – offers the most advanced terminals and POS solutions on the market. When you are ready for the most secure and compliant solution, contact us! We know that businesses rely on us to provide secure, swift and reliable payment processing solutions, and we tailor all these solutions to meet your individual needs.Our goal is simple, to help your business grow and succeed, and we have thousands of satisfied merchants around the globe to prove it.

All-inclusive payment processing

We offer support in business transactions, billing and in the areas of customer service. Our payment-processing partner, First Data, is the American company responsible for 65% of all transactions in the world.

Payment methods

Our Ingenico terminals accept all commonly used card types such as; bank cards, credit cards, gift cards etc. Via the card-processing, you can also expand your target audience and grow your business.

You are in good hands

Our services can be ordered online simply, in an instant. Our delivery men ship the pre-programmed terminals; no queues or paperwork. Our 24/7 customer service is available in 5 languages for any potential questions or problems.

Guaranteed cheapest service fees

Our POS terminal service is personalised, therefore economic and provides and affordable solutions for everyone. The transparent and simple pricing, as well as our low transaction fees make sure your costs are kept to a minimum.

Military-level security

MiCamp is P2PE coded, so it offers PCI-D55-compatible solutions for companies that prioritise customer data protection.


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The concept of myPOS was born out of the vision that every Merchant regardless of its type and size deserves to take advantage of an affordable All-In-One solution for accepting payments.

myPOS is a multicurrency cross-border payment solution, which enables Merchants to accept different payment means including:

  • accept all types card payments in-store, online, mobile or over the phone with instant settlement
  • get their money instantly in free myPOS e-money account
  • make SEPA and SWIFT transactions 24/7
  • access their funds via a Business VISA card immediately after each transaction


Free e-money merchant account with a dedicated IBAN to store funds, make payments and outgoing bank transfers:

  • Lifetime FREE with no service fees
  • Instant settlement of funds for POS, online or mobile payments
  • Multi-currency balances
  • SEPA and SWIFT transfers
  • Rich sets of reports, analyses and exports
  • 24/7 access

myPOS is a multicurrency cross-border payment solution, which enables Merchants to accept different payment means including debit, credit and prepaid cards while minimizing their running costs.


  • Ready to use package (Payment terminal with free DATA SIM card, Merchant Account, Business Card);
  • Compliant with World’s major cards – Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, JCB, Union Pay, Bancontact, American Express;
  • Multiple online payment methods for e-commerce merchants – Virtual Terminal; PayLinks; PayButtons and seamless integration with most popular Shopping carts;
  • MO/TO and Pre-Authorization availability;
  • myPOS Extras (Payment Requests, Mobile Top-up; Private Label GiftCards, Invoicing);
  • Mobile app for cash flow management and active operations.


Free Business VISA for cash withdrawals and online payments:

  • Accepted in merchant outlets and ATM machines all over the world
  • Instant access to funds for covering business expenses
  • Can be enabled/disabled via the online account or mobile app
  • Customizable limits for Internet or ATM transactions
  • Real time reporting by e-mail, SMS or myPOS Mobile
  • Order up to 10 FREE business VISA cards additionally

All POS payment terminals come with pre-installed free DATA Card:

  • Provides 3G / GPRS connection in every country in EEA (European Economic Area), Switzerland and EU Overseas Territories
  • Can be used on myPOS payment terminals only


designed to accept any online and mobile payment

myPOS PayLink – Enable merchants to generate a hyperlink for secure payment and send it worldwide to customers via e-mail together with their bills or invoices.

myPOS PayButton – Ideal online payment for websites with a single item purchase options. Generates a button with a fixed amount and lets customers buy in one click.

myPOS Virtual Terminal – No card reader to buy, no software to install. Merchants simply log into their myPOS account and quickly process phone, fax and mail orders online.

myPOS Checkout – Works with the most popular shopping carts: Magento, OpenCart, WordPress WooCommerce, OS Commerce, Zen Cart, PrestaShop, X-cart and more.

Integrated Invoicing – enables merchants with automated generation of paper or electronic invoices


for a mobile business

Merchant’s best friend, when running business on the move. The app offers quick access and great control over key operations and features:

  • Monitor your myPOS account and transactions
  • Manage your POS devices
  • Send outgoing SEPA and SWIFT wire transfers
  • Accept payments through the Virtual Terminal
  • Send payment requests in three easy steps and trace history of sent requests
  • Access and full control over myPOS Business Cards
  • Stay informed with push notifications


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More and more customers are using bank cards and credit cards to shop in traditional stores and on-line.
That’s where we can help.
Our processing services are the extra touch you need to help your business reach its full potential.

Giselle-T Consultancy is an official representative of the myPOS terminals and the European distribution provider, MiCamp Europe. MiCamp Europe has been trading with high-quality POS terminal services and bankcard/creditcard solutions for more than 10 years. Today, the company generates more than $2 billion turnover, as well as dealing with over $2 million worth of transactions. Since 2007, over 15.000 businesses and entrepreneurs contributed to the company’s success and profitability.

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POS All-in-One Payment Processing Solution

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