Online Business Account

Lifetime Free E-money Account
Lifetime Free E-money Account for All Payment Channels
In-store sales, Webshop or Online purchases,
Mobile payments and Bank transfers settled in one place

The Lifetime free e-money account aggregates settlements from all payment channels in one place and provides instant 24/7 access to the merchant funds. Equipped with its own IBAN and enabled for SEPA and SWIFT transfers, POS account also comes with a Business VISA card for both physical and online businesses. POS Account is an integral part of POS payment solution, which enables merchants of all types and sizes to accept card payments in a simple and cost-efficient way.

  • IBANs in multiple currencies
  • SEPA and SWIFT Debit/Credit Transfers
  • Instant settlement of funds from POS and
    online payments
  • Free Visa Business card
  • myPOS Mobile Apps for 24/7 access on the go
  • Rich sets of reports, analyses and exports

Multi-currency account with free IBAN

Open accounts in different currencies and accept every payment. The money arrives immediately in the myPOS account. Make international bank transfers and send funds between own accounts with ease.

Instant access to funds from all channels

Keep track of every payment! Get detailed reports for every sale in your myPOS account and monitor transactions on the go with our free mobile app available for Android and iOS.

Cost-effective SEPA and SWIFT transfers

Make inexpensive SEPA and SWIFT transfers. No subscription costs. All online solutions come for free with every myPOS account. You pay a transaction fee only when you get paid with no setup fees or separate contracts.

Webshop and Online store Shopping Cart Plugins

A simple yet secure payment solution for the most popular eCommerce platforms. Process your Online payments with а simple yet secure shopping cart integration.

business Account

The FREE POS e-money account consolidates payments processed through all channels – in-store, online and mobile. Each accepted payment is instantly settled in the account and the funds are at your disposal immediately.

Equipped with a plenty of business reporting tools and value-added services, POS account empowers you to run your business in a smart and cost-effective way. 24/7 access via the myPOS mobile app, allows you to keep track of your business performance and manage your POS devices, cards and profits.

Safe and Secure with Instant Access to Funds

Friendly and easy to use web interface

Secure two-factor authentication
SMS / GateKeeper

myPOS Business Card to access your funds instantly

A fast and convenient way to use the funds in your myPOS Account. Order multiple cards with no annual or monthly fees.

Benefit for your business

  • No monthly or annual service fees
  • Easy separation of business expenditures
  • Reduced budget overspendings and foreign currency exchange costs
  • High-level protection of each transaction
  • Online control via myPOS account and myPOS mobile app

Extra layers for security

  • Limited risk of unauthorized expenses
  • Safer than carrying cash, easier to use when paying online
  • Reduced administration time and costs
  • Efficient management of employee expenses
  • Improved reporting

Make your Business Mobile

Access to POS Account, Devices and Cards at your fingertips

Mobile devices will play an increasingly central role in
the operations of businesses of any type, especially
among small businesses.
myPOS mobile app for Android and iOS is made to
help merchants manage their payments and devices
on the go. It offers 24/7 access to the myPOS account,
transaction history, POS devices and debit cards, to
ensure full control from everywhere.

Our myPOS customers want to be able to do everything from the app, and we will keep adding new functions to keep them satisfied.
myPOS Team

Account balance and transactions

Checking accounts’ balance, viewing transactions history, making money transfers, and more the myPOS Mobile App lets merchants stay in full control off all business funds.

Business Cards management

All business cards in myPOS Account can be managed from the myPOS Mobile App. Business owners can check trace card payments, adjust card limits, block and unblock card operations at any time and from anywhere.

Device management from your Mobile

Through your myPOS Mobile application, business owners can virtually control all their POS terminal devices from anywhere, with exceptional flexibility.

Payment Request, Transfers and Virtual Terminal

myPOS merchants can send payment links to clients, make transfers to external or myPOS accounts and accept MO/TO payments in a few easy steps from the application

Enjoy the benefits of online banking

It has never been easier to run a web business!


for small online shops

Shopping Cart Integrations

for easy eCommerce payment acceptance.

Payment Gateway

for your online store


for taking payments by Email & SMS


Checkout buttons for your website or online shop

myPOS PayButton is an easy solution that allows your customers to check out quickly, conveniently and securely without any complicated integrations.

Set the amount, the size of the button and the details you would like to collect from your customers, copy the generated HTML code and paste it in your website editor. That’s it!


A simple yet secure payment solution for the most popular eCommerce platforms

We’ve already done all the integrational hard work! All you need to do is install and configure our shopping cart plugin available for – WooCommerce, Magento, Magento2, OpenCart, X-Cart, PrestaShop, osCommerce, Zen Cart and CloudCart. If you don’t see yours, don’t worry, we’re constantly adding new plugins based on your feedback!

Payment Gateway

Accept all payments into any web or mobile environment

myPOS payment gateway enables you to accept card payments in any website or mobile app. It’s the online version of a credit card machine. Easy to integrate, our payment gateway also helps you keep track of your online transactions and run real-time reports.


Allow your customers to pay even by Email or SMS

You don’t need to have an online shop or even a webpage to accept payments online. Simply generate a payment link, with description, currency and expiry date. Use it on social media, in an Email or SMS when sending an offer or invoice to your customers.


You will be redirected to the myPOS’s website.





Free e-money merchant account with a dedicated IBAN to store funds, make payments and outgoing bank transfers:

  • Lifetime FREE with no service fees
  • Instant settlement of funds for POS, online or mobile payments
  • Multi-currency balances
  • SEPA and SWIFT transfers
  • Rich sets of reports, analyses and exports
  • 24/7 access

myPOS is a multicurrency cross-border payment solution, which enables Merchants to accept different payment means including debit, credit and prepaid cards while minimizing their running costs.

You will be redirected to the myPOS’s website!


Free Business VISA for cash withdrawals and online payments:

  • Accepted in merchant outlets and ATM machines all over the world
  • Instant access to funds for covering business expenses
  • Can be enabled/disabled via the online account or mobile app
  • Customizable limits for Internet or ATM transactions
  • Real time reporting by e-mail, SMS or myPOS Mobile
  • Order up to 10 FREE business VISA cards additionally

All POS payment terminals come with pre-installed free DATA Card:

  • Provides 3G / GPRS connection in every country in EEA (European Economic Area), Switzerland and EU Overseas Territories
  • Can be used on myPOS payment terminals only


for a mobile business

Merchant’s best friend, when running business on the move. The app offers quick access and great control over key operations and features:

  • Monitor your myPOS account and transactions
  • Manage your POS devices
  • Send outgoing SEPA and SWIFT wire transfers
  • Accept payments through the Virtual Terminal
  • Send payment requests in three easy steps and trace history of sent requests
  • Access and full control over myPOS Business Cards
  • Stay informed with push notifications


designed to accept any online and mobile payment

myPOS PayLink – Enable merchants to generate a hyperlink for secure payment and send it worldwide to customers via e-mail together with their bills or invoices.

myPOS PayButton – Ideal online payment for websites with a single item purchase options. Generates a button with a fixed amount and lets customers buy in one click.

myPOS Virtual Terminal – No card reader to buy, no software to install. Merchants simply log into their myPOS account and quickly process phone, fax and mail orders online.

myPOS Checkout – Works with the most popular shopping carts: Magento, OpenCart, WordPress WooCommerce, OS Commerce, Zen Cart, PrestaShop, X-cart and more.

Integrated Invoicing – enables merchants with automated generation of paper or electronic invoices


The concept of myPOS was born out of the vision that every Merchant regardless of its type and size deserves to take advantage of an affordable All-In-One solution for accepting payments.

myPOS is a multicurrency cross-border payment solution, which enables Merchants to accept different payment means including:

  • accept all types card payments in-store, online, mobile or over the phone with instant settlement
  • get their money instantly in free myPOS e-money account
  • make SEPA and SWIFT transactions 24/7
  • access their funds via a Business VISA card immediately after each transaction


  • Ready to use package (Payment terminal with free DATA SIM card, Merchant Account, Business Card);
  • Compliant with World’s major cards – Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, JCB, Union Pay, Bancontact, American Express;
  • Multiple online payment methods for e-commerce merchants – Virtual Terminal; PayLinks; PayButtons and seamless integration with most popular Shopping carts;
  • MO/TO and Pre-Authorization availability;
  • myPOS Extras (Payment Requests, Mobile Top-up; Private Label GiftCards, Invoicing);
  • Mobile app for cash flow management and active operations.


The concept of high-quality POS terminal services was born out of the vision that every merchant regardless of its type and size deserves to take advantage of an affordable All-In-One solution for accepting payments.

Our different types of POS terminals are a multicurrency cross-border payment solution, which enables merchants to accept different payment means including debit, credit and prepaid cards and NFC payments while minimizing their running costs.



Ease your eCommerce business with an online payment solution from myPOS

Industries we operate in:

Taxi & Transport

We understand the unique need for taxi credit card payment systems and offer a solution for you. Enjoy instant transactions on a portable device, while swiftly printing receipts. Not having a chip and pin for taxi drivers will no longer limit you in accepting payments.

Food and Beverage

Offer Cashless Payments on the Menu and Help Your Business Grow. A good meal should never be spoiled by a limited number of payment options. Be it with a card or a smartphone, our credit card readers facilitate fast and secure transactions for a brilliant customer experience.

Retail and Stores

It is essential for the success of every retail business to provide customers with a wide array of payment options. myPOS can handle all major cards together with contactless mobile payments in a quick and safe way – online or in-store.

Hotel and Accomo-dation

POS account soulition guarantees highest level of guest satisfaction in every situation - online, at the reception, or in the bar. With so many customer interactions, myPOS is the perfect way to create a personalised guest experience

Leisure & Recreation

myPOS is Your Relaxed Answer to Every Hasty Payment. Accept all major cards in efficient and affordable way and bring the payment to the customer with our portable POS devices. Get paid with the same ease online or over the phone. Either way, we don’t bind you with contracts or service fees.

Professional Services

Take the Next Step in Your Professional Growth with your POS business account. Payments Made to Match Your Professional Freedom Growing a successful business as an independent professional, calls for payment processing partner with understanding for freedom, flexibility, and affordability.

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For your online shop! Combine a variety of secure and reliable payment methods to excel your eCommerce business. myPOS offers VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, Bancontact and iDEAL payments acceptance which lets you attract and retain clients through our state-of-the-art online payment gateway.


Free London-based e-merchant bank account with its own IBAN.
Lifetime FREE with no service fees, multi-currency balances, 24/7 access, SEPA and SWIFT transfers.
Instant settlement of funds for POS, online or mobile payments, rich sets of reports, analyses and exports.

You will be redirected to the myPOS’s website.

Contact us:

English: +44 7456 977749

Hungarian: +36 70 584 0757

Our office leases premises in Liverpool,
in “The Women’s Organisation’s” business and conference building:

Address: 54 St James St, Liverpool L1 0AB

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