Business development consultancy


Business development consultancy


Development is a new challange

May it be business relations, new market entry strategies or international business expansion, we know the solution. With our cooperation, together we identify the best opportunities fitting all your ideas and if you ever need assistance, we are here to help.



When you are developing your enterprise, you will be faced with new challenges from seeking out the appropriate staff to accessing adequate financing. Especially if you are trying to accomplish this in a foreign country. There will be times when, as you are breaking into the new market and developing your own new ideas, you will genuinely need consultancy, support and/or simply more information. The growth of your business may bring several changes into the lives of business owners that they might not have encountered before. There will be a multitude of decisions to be made.

We are here to help you out in the UK as well, and to this end, we propose answers to the following essential questions about enterprise development:

  • How can a business be grown in the UK?
  • What should the business structure be like?
  • How will it be financed?
  • What is the composition of the appropriate team for you?
  • What is the next step that best fits your vision?


Natural growth potential: – It may well be that your business already has many opportunities for long-term growth in its current form. Preparing a reliable business and marketing plan may represent pivotal help.

Supporting growth: – Consultancy performed at a high standard is indispensable for a business to successfully attain the next level. Become familiar with the advantages that you can gain by using consultancy.

Development planning and financing: – There are several different types of financing available for enterprises intending to grow. Make us of our business financing services. Look for guidance and advice on financing growth.

How to protect and capitalise on your ideas? – You can receive personalised, expert advice on your intellectual property from multiple sources. With us, you can find the type of support that aids your business to the greatest extent.

Diversification: – Diversifying into new products, services or markets not only reduces your total operating risk, but the development opportunity might also make you eligible for government grants or R&D tax write-offs.


1. It is possible to launch a dedicated start-up in the interest of innovation:

We will provide aid in building an innovative start-up company, which includes drawing up a business plan, identifying and selecting the appropriate financial opportunities, as well as proposing pre-planned exit strategies.

2. Innovation and R&D grants:

Review the grants and subsidies available for research and development (R&D) and to companies which create innovative new products and services. Or discover what advantages the use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) can bring to the operation of your business.

3. EU financing for innovation:

Make use of local EU tendering opportunities while the UK still belongs to the European Union! We will help you review the Horizon 2020 programme and other EU financing opportunities for your research or innovation project. If needed, we also provide proposal writers and/or project leads in addition to consultancy.

4. Innovation in business:

We will help you review your options. Innovations in manufacturing processes, such as developing new technologies and/or new practices in order to attain optimal cost efficiency, can be crucial for the success and profitability of businesses involved in manufacturing.

5. Subsidies for inventions:

Various national, local or industry-specific, periodic subsidies for companies developing or inventing products and/or technologies are available for use. Upon request, our consultants will identify currently accessible opportunities, tailored to your needs.

6. Innovate! UK funding competition:

The UK supports new solutions and new ideas that increase efficiency. Ask about the details of the Innovate UK financial competition launched to benefit innovation and technological projects available throughout the UK. If you ask, we will help with everything!


International trade: – International trade can offer immense growth potential. Our international growth support team will help you to receive information about new markets and offer assistance in acquiring local contacts.

Workforce optimisation and expansion: – regardless of whether it is the first time you employ someone or you wish to hire further staff, we offer practical guidance and advice for the most cost-effective and optimal solutions.

Develop the management skills of your staff: – Strong leadership is critical for the success of an enterprise. We will show you where you can find free programmes, tools and resources that can help you.

Mergers and acquisitions: – Acquiring a business can be an excellent means of geographical expansion; use it to reach new customers or to multiply product sales. Carry out successful mergers or acquisitions by contacting us.

How we operate:

Our first consultation is free.

If you decide to work with us, our consultant will work with you to understand your current situation, your goals, and the challenges you face.
In simple counselling, we may only meet once or twice, but in general, we usually work together for about a year, a timeline which can be modified as needed, for example, until the project is completed or the goals are met

The consultant’s job is to consult and give advice!
No more, no less.
The consultant also makes personalized recommendations, that fit what you want to achieve.
Consultants are experts in the field in which they work. However, if your issue requires even more specialized expertise, our consultant – with the assistance of our professional network – will work together with specialists in your field to provide you with the most professional-level support.

Major consulting areas in which we work:

Giselle-T Consultancy has business development and consulting expertise in a number of areas, including the following main sectors:

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An alternative method of growing business and expanding your market, yet an economical method to expand your market. Based on your needs, from start-ups to international trading, we can assist you along the journey.

Franchise type expansion

From the foundation to the international markets

Financial advice

Our wide range of services also include business loans, may it be for multiple devices or in need of some extra investment, for instance if you would like to buy an office space. In most cases, we can offer you a solution when banks cannot. Furthermore, we will assist you in opening a bank account, currency guides as well as POS terminal placement support.

Financial advice

Bank account opening, business loans, online banking

Start-up advice

The first help we can offer you is assistance in starting up your business – depending on wether you want to conduct your business activities in England or Hungary.

Start-up advice

Help with getting started

General business advice

With tremendous experience we can support your growth and development ambitions, in order to maximise your profits.

General business advice

English experience for effective development.

Business expansion advice

If you already have a business, we can help with the expansion and/or design a strategy for you. 

Business expansion advice

If you move on with your business

Business development consultancy

May it be business relations, new market entry strategies or international business expansion, we know the solution. With our cooperation, together we identify the best opportunities fitting all your ideas and if you ever need assistance, we are here to help.

Business development consultancy

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Our consultancy company collaborates with a number of experts:

ACCOUNTING – Member of ACRA: – Company foundation – Virtual office rental – Mail handling service – Bookkeeping – Tax optimization – Corporate tax refund – Personal income tax return

A BUSINESS LENDING – More than 300 lenders: – with professional advisors, IFAs, accountants and directly with businesses to provide all types of business finance. Take advantage of our business lending services.

BUSINESS PROPERTY BUYING – Mortgage loan for businesses: – Our experienced brokers will get you the best mortgage rates based on your individual situation, forming a personal partnership with our clients.

FRANCHISING – BFA affiliate: – It helps owners grow their business nationally and internationally through business format franchising. Provides the conception, development, launch and ongoing support.

LEGAL ADVICE – EU and English law specialist: – Finding business-focused solutions for you. Our goal is on helping you mitigate risk and benefit from innovation, enabling your business or organisation to thrive.

IT SOLUTION – Cloud-based business operation: – Flexible business solutions with an unrestricted, user-friendly software. Innovative platform for business management

WEB DESIGNER: – Taking each project seriously and striving to change the way you think about design and doing business with a fresh, creative approach to problem-solving, delivering you a site that works, achieves goals, and exceeds expectations.

INSURANCE BROKER – Personalised approach: – A highly personalised approach to the insurance and risk management needs of businesses. To create an intelligent insurance solution for any business customer is to really understand the business and the risks it faces.



Hungarian Medical Association Of The United Kingdom​

Giselle-T Consultancy works closely with the Hungarian Medical Association of the United Kingdom.
If you have any questions about business or management in the medical sector, be it private or public, feel free to contact us!

MiCamp Europe

You can request reference or confirmation from MiCamp Europe at any time regarding banking activities we mediate or POS terminal sales. MiCamp Europe provides the official European representation and distribution of myPOS. Giselle-T Conultancy is an official agent of myPOS and a representative of MiCamp Europe

Prima Medica Lifestyle Franchise

It is a Hungarian-owned, Hungarian-based franchise project, based on the private medical services sector. Giselle-T Consultancy is currently working on Prima Medica being implemented in England.
References can be obtained from the owner of Prima Medica, namely Doctor Babai Laszlo.

Gabor J. Takacs-Carvalho

Science and technology attaché - UK, London Embassy of Hungary

Ildikó is a diligent and kind professional.
I worked with her on organization development and conference organisation projects. She employs structured thinking and diligent execution from the begining to the and end of all projects. Drive and creative thinking are a few of her strength. She is also a pleasent person to work with.

Reserve LA.

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