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The dedication towards consultancy, and with it, the foundations of Giselle-T Consultancy came into being while I was employed by a headhunting company.

Our customers were mainly looking for high-quality employees, but during our discussions, other challenges they were having had come up on several occasions.
I have always enjoyed unravelling both simple and more complicated systems. Finding the point where, using the least investment, one might reap the most rewards.

It became clear to me that I wanted to keep going down this route. 

As founder of the company, Török Ildikó Gizella gifted the company with the name Giselle-T, after her second name, and its primary consultancy portfolio is based on its leader’s experiences. Giselle-T Consultancy is a small company which, through its contracted partners, provides its customers with an extensive professional support background.

Why areas connected to medicine and sports, as well as their combinations?

I received my first degree at the Budapest University of Physical Education, and I worked, sometimes simultaneously, for 6 years in the sport sector as a coach, recreation manager, and then as a corporate outdoor training organiser.
Nevertheless, life steered me towards the areas of economics, and in the end I became an economist.

It might be surprising, but the modest anatomical and physiological knowledge I gained from my sports studies allowed me to understand projects in the medical sector better than an average economist.

I grew to like it; I stayed on, and continued developing myself in this field.

Starting out in the UK

I worked more than 10 years in Hungary, mainly as a consultant for SMEs, in various entrepreneurial fields involving medicine or medical businesses. As economic managers for a Hungarian business cluster in the field of medical devices, we guided 21, and then 27 companies towards international markets.

I started studying international economic law in the UK in 2015, where I graduated with a Master’s degree (LL.M) in 2018.

In addition, in 2016 I became the manager of the Hungarian Medical Association of the United Kingdom, which boasts an extended network of contacts, and, though the medical society operates as a non-profit, I have been increasingly sought in profit-oriented projects throughout my work.

Since this area is not quite suited to the profile of the medical society, we have come to the agreement that business ventures are to be handled by Giselle-T Consultancy.

Of these, one of the largest projects was a service provider active in lifestyle medicine who was trying to break into the UK market in a franchise system.

Giselle-T Consultancy

With the experience gained during cluster management and launching franchises, as well as by making use of the extensive network of contacts at the Hungarian Medical Association of the United Kingdom, the economic environment that would support businesses and is a point of pride for Giselle-T Consultancy was quick to develop, and is a solid foundation which ensures that we can confidently take on profit-oriented requests that fit our profile. 

Network of contacts:

Additionally, we of course offer consultancy for start-ups and new businesses, financial consultancy and consultancy in the areas of investment and business law, regardless of the industrial sector involved.

Our main areas of activity:

About the company

Currently, the Giselle-T Consultancy office is offering several consultancy services in the United Kingdom, Hungary, and, upon request, any, mainly English-speaking area in the world. 

It has been our experience that starting out in a foreign country is no small feat even if someone speaks the language perfectly. Habits, procedures and approaches are all different. As it happens, the UK also has a different legal system. Even being familiar with the location can be of great assistance, but we, of course, offer much more.

As a leader, based on economics and law studies, you will find a consolidated, open-minded and cooperative team here. Giselle-T Consultancy is not a one-person problem fixer. It is surrounded by a system of contacts composed of a network of experts with whom its consultants, they themselves having a broad range of experience, work in tight cooperation. 

How we operate

Our first consultation is free.

If you decide to work with us, our consultant will work with you to understand your current situation, your goals, and the challenges you face.
In simple counselling, we may only meet once or twice, but in general, we usually work together for about a year, a timeline which can be modified as needed, for example, until the project is completed or the goals are met

The consultant’s job is to consult and give advice!
No more, no less.
The consultant also makes personalized recommendations, that fit what you want to achieve.
Consultants are experts in the field in which they work. However, if your issue requires even more specialized expertise, our consultant – with the assistance of our professional network – will work together with specialists in your field to provide you with the most professional-level support.

Contact us if...

  • If you would like to set up a business in a company structure that will be conducive to your future development as well. Plan the solid foundations for you future with us.
  • You would like to open a business bank account. 
  • You would like to purchase a POS (bank card reader) terminal or even a simple hand-held tool integrated with a cash register, or you are looking for a bank that can be used with your web shop.
  • You would like to launch a new market in the UK or even in Hungary.
  • You would like to develop connections or an appropriate network of business partners.
  • You would like to maximise the value of your company.
  • If you are looking for new business strategies, new ideas and new solutions.
  • You are looking for help with expanding your business
  • If you are thinking about franchise-type expansion, or would merely like to listen to the opportunities it affords.
  • If you are looking for the most advantageous financing method or the most profitable investment.
  • … if you have any questions, because we think alongside you.
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Giselle-T Consultancy leases premises in the centre of Liverpool, in “The Women’s Organisation’s” business and conference building:

Address: 54 St James St, Liverpool L1 0AB

Our choice was primarily based on considerations of comfort for our customers, and these entail: 

  • Good parking availability,
  • Both small and larger meeting rooms in the building,
  • A conference room,
  • An educational room,
  • Catering on demand,
  • And an excellent café and bistro on the ground floor help to make customer relations as pleasant as possible. 

We hope you will enjoy it as much as we do.


Mrs. Ildiko Giselle Torok


I am an Economist,
 finished MBA
Master level in Budapest
I learnt Business Law,
here in the UK,
graduated on master’s level in

Founder's own professional experience:

The medical sector and the entrepreneurial collaborations are the two specialized areas where I work with the highest level of business experience:

  • As an economist, I have more than 10 years of practical experience in the medical sector.
  • Most of all, I like to work with franchise and cluster type business formats. In the last 2 years I have gained deeper practical experience in international franchise development


Ildiko Giselle Torok


2016 - Present

Hungarian Medical Association of the United Kingdom

Country General Manager

Based in Manchester, the Hungarian Association is a professional, non-profit, voluntary organisation to support doctors in Britain of Hungarian origin. Its goals are: To develop medical activities including medical services, co-operation between members and branches of the Association. To support continuous professional development of the members, exchanging professional information, expertise and technologies between the Association branches and other medical organisations within and outside the United Kingdom.

2013 - 2015

Medical PR Ltd

Managing Director

I was the representative of the medical technology cluster “Medic ALL”. Responsible for:

  • Representation and consultancy to numerous suppliers and/or manufacturers of medical technologies including marketing of new products and R&D activities
  • Business networking for new products and ideas to set up effective working relationships between members and investors
  • Ensuring devices from outside of EU were suitable for EU licences and consulting with professionals to modify these products, making them compatible with EU legislation
  • Working to increase profitability across all business within the cluster and protecting intellectual property which have patents pending
  • Participated twice in the “Medica international medical technology exhibitions and fairs”, held in Dusseldorf. In 2012 we were also (one of the) exhibitors.
  • Successfully over achieved on the company’s main project, increasing the required indicators by 100% as opposed to the target of 20%
  • Negotiating with doctors, producers, inventors and business investors to ensure a successful outcome for all parties
  • Ensuring that all products complied with ISO and other medical standards (ISO 13485 regulation)
  • Working in a highly volatile and difficult market to ensure that inventions were protected whilst securing funding for these new ideas to help them progress to market
  • A successful application for EU grant with funding for medical technology for product development, manufacturing, thus gaining financial support for the products.
2008 - 2011

Freelance Business Advisor

My activities included:
  • Advising mid-level seed venture businesses on how best to develop within their chosen market, including medical, finance, insurance and whole body health companies, such as the wellbeing centre franchise Oxygen
  • Consulting included financial and risk advice on how to grow and progress safely in their chosen market and suggesting audits for better business connections
  • Working as a finance, development and management adviser and consultant with various insurance companies, risk insurance companies, executive search and training firms, medical and electro-technology tools development companies
2005 - 2008

Horizont Flight School

Outdoor trainer

I organized of family and sporting events as the project manager. My skills included independent problem solving, planning, implementation. I led corporate team buildings activities individually as well as in team

About Me

I am a keen kayaker having trained for years and winning the European championship for the 14 to 16 age group. My children took part in many activities such as kayaking, doing pentathlon sport, or playing ice hockey. I also love to take part in outdoor activities; I really enjoy skiing, travelling, hiking, but I like reading, specifically about world-economy, politics or self-development books.



LL.M International Business Corporate and Finance Law

  • Name of qualification: Degree of International Business Law Specialist
  • Main field of study for the qualification: LL.M International Business Corporate and Finance LAW
  • Level of qualification: Master’s Degree – Liverpool, UK
  • Subjects: Int.Trade and Finance Law, Int.Commercial Contracting, Intellectual Property Law

Budapest University of Technology and Economics

  • Name of qualification: Economist (Master of Business Administration)
  • Main field of study for the qualification: MBA (Master of Business Administration)
  • Level of qualification: Master’s Degree – Budapest, Hungary

Semmelweis University - Health and Physical Education

  • Name of qualification: Recreation Specialist
  • Main field of study for the qualification: Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences in the Coaching Program
  • Level of qualification: Bachelor’s Degre – Budapest, Hungary
  • Subjects: Anatomy, Physiology, bio-chemistry, dietetics, bio-mechanics, psychology, dietetics


2019 Marc

Critical Thinking

University of Auckland
Future Learn – on-line course 

2018 Oktober

The NHS Explained

The King’s Fund
Future Learn – on-line course 

2018 May

GDPR - Protecting Health Data

University of Groningen
Future Learn – on-line course 

2017 September

Measuring and Valuing Healh

University of Sheffield
Future Learn – on-line course

2017 July

Exercise Prescription for the Prevention and Treatment of Disease

Trinity College Dublin
Future Learn – on-line course

2015 April

ISO 13485 internal auditor exam

Budapest – course: http://www.hu.sgs.com


Strategic benchmarking

Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Budapest, Hungary


Personnel consulting /head-hunting practice

HR Navigator Company
Budapest, Hungary


Aligning human resources to the organisation strategy

Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Budapest, Hungary


Introduction to strategic business negotiations

Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Budapest, Hungary




Business development consultancy, General business consultancy, Financial and investment consultancy, Consultancy related to business development, and especially Franchise-related, comprehensive consultancy, Start-up business consultancy.


Medical, Lifestyle medicine, Consultancy for franchise set-up, development and for entering international markets. Teambuilding, outdoor training, recreation. Regardless of industrial field: Company set-up, finances, investment, getting started as an entrepreneur in the UK.


We open business bank accounts without the need for your personal presence. And our unique card reader-POS terminals are available in a wide selection, making our entrepreneurs’ lives easier from the first steps, be they small or large, at the beginning stages or already prepared to enter the international market.

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English: +44 7456 977749

Hungarian: +36 70 584 0757

Our office leases premises in Liverpool,
in “The Women’s Organisation’s” business and conference building:

Address: 54 St James St, Liverpool L1 0AB

The Women’s Organisation’s building

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